Aida Montserrat Pagès - ESR4

Novel concepts in support of improving clinical management of RTIs: Distinguishing viral from bacterial pneumonia

A molecular lateral flow assay

For community acquired respiratory tract infections (RTI), the greatest clinical need is for the physician to be able to rapidly distinguish patients presenting with viral RTI from those with bacterial RTI. Viruses not always have dsDNA, making the development of a nucleic acid based assay challenging. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) can be modified to enable handling both DNA and RNA while its properties (isothermal, good specificity,…) make it an ideal technology for POC diagnostics. In this project, the candidate will develop singleplex and multiplex LAMP assays. The resulting bioassay will be implemented on a lateral flow device with sensitive readout.





My scientific interest is mostly focus on the biosensors field. The potential of nanotechnology amazes me every day and I would like to go deeply in the understanding and the application of graphene and its derivatives. Their physicochemical properties offer a wide range of opportunities and its high biocompatibility makes it really advantageous to be used in the biomedical field. I also am really interested in the development of Point of Care technologies to bring all these advances closer to patients.






  • Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
    BSc in Biomedical Engineering , 2014
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
    MSc in in Advanced Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, 2016





  • Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)
    Micro and Nanosystems (MST) Department
    Stockholm, Sweden


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