Emre Iseri - ESR6

POC Molecular IVDs generating actionable information in support of improving clinical management of UTIs

A simple (hand-winded) clockwork assay

Point of care tests for urinary tract infections aimed for primary care should be very simple and cost-effective. In this project, the candidate will develop a simple (hand-winded) clockwork mechanism, making use of SlipChip technology that sequentially allows positioning over a stationary photodetector, heating zones and magnet(s) for bead actuation. The entire device will be produced using low-cost surface mimicking OSTE+ technology allowing low-cost, high-throughput single-step manufacturing. The bioassay developed by ESR5 will be integrated in a digital PCR format in collaboration with KULeuven.





My research interests mainly focused on micro and nanofabrication methods, microfluidics, biosensors and Bio-MEMS applications. I enjoy doing interdisciplinary research to expand my knowledge and using this knowledge to bring small pieces together to design new systems.

I recently started working on development of fast and cheap molecular point-of-care diagnostic tools for infectious diseases.





  • Bogazici University, Turkey
    BSc/MSc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 2015





  • Arenberg Doctoral School, KU Leuven University (Belgium).
    MeBioS-Biosensor group (www.biosensors.be)
    Willem de Croylaan 42, Heverlee (Leuven)


  • S. Puza, E. Gencturk, E.I. Odabasi, E. Iseri, S.  Mutlu, K.O. Ulgen, Fabrication of cyclo olefin polymer microfluidic devices for trapping and culturing of yeast cells. Biomedical microdevices, 2017, 19(2), 40.
  • Iseri and S. Mutlu, “Realization of Triboelectric Energy Harvesters Using Steel-Polymer Microfabrication Methods”, IEEE MEMS, 2017, Las Vegas, USA.
  • Iseri, K.O. Ulgen, C. Yilmaz and S. Mutlu, ”Fabrication of Steel Displacement Amplifiers Integrated to Microfluidic Channels”, IEEE MEMS, 2016, Shanghai, China.
  • Iseri, E. Gencturk, M.Gurgen, A.K. Uguz, K.O. Ulgen and S. Mutlu ”Macro toMicrofluidicChannel Integration Using 3D Printing for Laminar Flow Investigation in a Y-Channel”, 25th Micro MechanicsEurope Workshop, MME 2014, Istanbul, Turkey.

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