ESR7 small

POC Molecular IVDs generating actionable information in support of improving clinical management of UTIs

A Molecular UTI diagnostic on a DVD platform

Point of care tests for urinary tract infections aimed for primary care should be very simple and cost-effective. In this project, ESR 7 will be working on the development of DVD-based POC diagnostic platform for UTIs. The system will use centrifugal microfluidics for sample handling and processing and an optical DVD drive as Laser Scanning Microscope for detection. Towards this, ESR 7 will miniaturize and adapt molecular tools for adaptation of nucleic acid assays on the DVD platform in collaboration with ESRs 5 and 9. ESR 7 will in particularly be working on the following tasks:

Centrifugal microfluidics to manipulate urine samples; more specific on various filtration principles to isolate bacteria from urine sample for downstream processing

Bioassay development for nucleic acid extraction and processing on CD microfluidic platform; more specific bacteria lysis, DNA extraction, isothermal amplification and microarray based detection of amplified products.

Integrate the assay on DVD drive for hands-off processing of urine sample; more specific, develop a proof of concept 3-plex bioassay (E. coli, S. saprophyticus and Klebsiella spp.), based on isothermal amplification amended for use with centrifugal microfluidics

  • Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)
    Clinical microfluidics lab (
    OSQULDAS VÄG 10, Stockholm
  • University of Antwerp – Vaccine & Infectious Disease Institute
    Campus Drie Eiken – Universiteitsplein 1
    2610 Antwerpen

Specific profile requirements

  • You have a master degree with distinction in biomedical sciences or bioscience engineering. Candidates with a degree in Electrical/Physical/mechanical engineering with an interest or experience in applying this knowledge to (micro)biological/medical tools are equally welcome to apply.
  • Experience with centrifugal microfluidics combined with bioassay development are an asset
  • Must be able to start on Aug 1, 2016.