Weijin Guo - ESR2

Novel concepts in support of improving clinical management of RTIs: Distinguishing viral from bacterial pneumonia

A transparant, polymer based synthetic microfluidic paper

Lateral flow tests, with the pregnancy test as the most well-known archetype, are fast and easy to use, making them excellent tools for use at home or in primary care settings. Today’s test are made from natural materials such as paper and nitrocellulose substrates, resulting in inherent limitations in limit of detection that stem from the irreproducible microstructure, surface chemistry and opaqueness of these natural materials. In this project, a transparent, polymer-based synthetic microfluidic paper for lateral flow assays will be developed that preserves benefits such as low-cost, speed and ease of use. The developed solution will be integrated with bioassays developed by ESRs 1 and 4.






Synthetic paper, as a microstructured polymer, has great potential as a porous media for lateral flow test. I will imply some novel capillary pump concepts in the design of lateral flow device. In addition, I will combine the synthetic paper with other biotechnology to improve the performance of the lateral flow test, as well as the detection sensitivity.





Lanzhou University, China
MSc in Engineering Mechanics 2014





  • Arenberg Doctoral School, KU Leuven University (Belgium).
    MeBioS-Biosensor group (www.biosensors.be)
    Willem de Croylaan 42, Heverlee (Leuven)


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